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"The Adventure Vault" - another WIP series.


This was an idea I was kicking around for submitting to SCBWI monthly theme: "Cooped In." But while brainstorming some ideas, that didn't involve chickens, another idea started jumping up and down in my head.

The goal this time around is contrast and color balance. The challenge will be in the color pallet, theres going to be a lot of browns in this one.

I had to take breaks from the books, it became super monotonous after 2 shelves and I didn't want to repeat patterns so this took long than I expected. Also I'm not a huge fan of straight edges in watercolor paintings so the line work on the shelves hurt my soul a little bit. I was happy how the Greenhouse painting came out so I'm willing to give it another go.

Next step in the process is applying liquid mask to our two friends and then a thin wash for a base color to build up the browns.

Materials used so far:

Arches 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper

Faber-Castell HB pencil


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