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      I'm Tom "Mr. Tom" Uleau.  I make "acutely believable creatures" and the worlds they inhabit.  When I'm not painting or drawing I am wrangling my three tiny humans who are all varying degrees of feral.   I'm a lifelong geek in all that entails, I'm a movie nerd, and it would be fair to admit that I am my wife's oldest child. 

     For the Past five years, every day, I've posted new and original art on Instagram.  Humble brag: I've never missed a day.  What started as a daily practice routine turned into something much deeper.  At first I treated it as a way to clear out some of the numerous unfinished sketchbooks on my self, then I treated it as a job, but now its true love. It's a part of my daily life and something I plan to do until I can't hold a pencil anymore.


     I  recently taken on a part time instructors gig with the amazing I heart Art Workshop and I'm been posting prints and original watercolors on my Etsy site while I continue the search for the perfect agent and or art director.     

     As always, if you have any questions big or small, please let me know.  I've had a TON of help and support getting this far and I'm more than happy to repay my debt to the cosmos. 

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