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About Me

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Artist Statement

     When I was a kid, I didn't fear what was under the bed or in the closet. I wondered why they would be hiding there instead of hanging out with me.  So now I tempt them out of the darkness and into the sunshine through my watercolors.
     My work reflects what I most identify with: the wonderfully weird, slightly off or exaggerated "Acutely Believable Creatures" that live in the corners of the imagination. My monsters are my ode to the Children's Television Workshop that I grew up watching. Through my art and storytelling, I want to create a diverse universe that understands the joy in living with and caring for everyone, even if they look a little different than me.  
     My work is also fueled by the ambitious, kind and feral monsters that call me dad.  They have given shape to many of my wandering thoughts. 

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Coatesville PA

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