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Weekly Update, the Beginning.

I've been rather slack in keeping the blog updated. I think the most manageable solution is to aim for weekly updates. This week I'll fudge the timeline a tad and go over the months happenings. The first biggest event was the SCBWI NY winter conference. The event was massive and it felt weird being away from my tiny humans that long but I managed. I took part in the Illustrators Showcase which was filed with immeasurable talent. I never expected to win or be recognized but I was pleasantly surprised when I almost ran out of my 200 postcards.

I got this as well as my new business cards printed at moo on recycled T-shirt material and they came out awesome.

I saw some legends teaching outbreak sessions and got to fan-boy out a little when I saw my favorite Illustrator / Author Peter Brown and Rob Sayegh Jr.

Since returning home and ordering more postcards I'm back on the Postcard and email grind. For the uninitiated, we unrepresented illustrators send out postcards to agents, editors and art directors vying for their attention and hoping it catches their eye and they check out the rest of our portfolio. Its kind of insane, the sheer volume they get must be overwhelming and the odds of all of the stars aligning seem staggering but... its part of the process.

February brought out the dungeongrawingdelve, and this year they asked me to submit a theme for the month long D&D drawing challenge, which made me giddy beyond belief. The talent and creativity of that group is inspiring. As it would turn out though I triple booked myself. I signed up for Delaware Fun a Day project and the traveling sketchbook put together by my Eastern PA SCBWI chapter. So, all of my Dungeon Delve stuff will go on display in the DE art show, and then included into the traveling sketchbook which will eventually get put on display in the Free Library of Philadelphia. Its an exciting and exhausting time around here.

Last but not least, the Dungeon Delve project has brought in TONS of new IG followers and while I try to not take those numbers seriously for my own sanity, I gotta say it feels pretty good.

That should be a decent starting point, I have some more events coming up and hopefully a fun new project to talk about next week. Until then...

Hugs and High-Fives.

Mr. Tom

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