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Illustrator Day Outcome

Friends and Homies! Yesterday was Illustrator Day with my chapter of SCBWI and its one of my favorite days of the year. Usually we meet in the Free Library of Philadelphia which has an AWESOME Children's Literature Collection but because of the 'vid it was all virtual. Everything went splendidly and pretty flawlessly aside form some audio issues which were on my end.

My Art Director's assignment was well received over all, a couple of design choices to think about, and a handful of technical details I straight up didn't see but easily fixed. My critique was one of the most pleasant I've ever had... BUT.... it ended with a common theme: "I want more." Which is finally starting to make sense the more I think about it. I need to focus more on what I WANT to be doing. I'd love to write and Illustrate my own books and that's still the goal but I want to refocus my portfolio towards Graphic Novels, which happen to be red hot right now in children's literature.

What's that mean? I think its a pretty easy fix. I need to expand on some of my finished pieces, add to their stories, give them some more life, show that I can reproduce characters consistantly, grow some of the worlds I've created in these "one shot" pieces. I'm excited and ready. I feel like I'm in the last stages before I start making some real goals.

Thats all for now, time to get back to work.

Big stuff coming up in a couple days so keep an eye out.

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