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Where Have You Been Mr. Tom?!?

Fair Question. Here's the boring answer: here. I've been here, the whole time. BUT while here, I've been busy. If you've been following me for a while you might know that I was posting art EVERY single day, without missing any days. That's something I'm insanely proud of and I made it all the way to 1910 days, that's like 5 1/4 years give or take (math is not usually a strong suit of most artists) So why'd it end?

The whole point of drawing and posting everyday was to force myself to practice and hopefully build up a portfolio to find some work. I missed the boat on my first dream of becoming a professional wrestler... so I set out to fill out the next big thing. Children's books.

It's not easy. There's been at this point hundreds of rejection letters from agents and publishers, I've dumped tons of hours into seminars, showcases, webinars, anything to get in front of people in the industry. It's not just talent, its time... and my time was running low. Shortly after the "BIG NEW YORK CONFERENCE" I'd be done. The New York conference turns into The New York Giant Webinar and online Showcase... which was actually pretty awesome. Spoiler: I didn't win anything or get an agent. BUT I did get a ton of traffic to the website and some interesting emails.

*** interlude ***

At this point I get 2-3 emails a month about people who wrote a children's story and would love for me to illustrate it. Awesome. I love it. BUT, inevitably, most of them drop off the face of the Earth when they realize that this is a job and there needs to be compensation for art. I say MOST drop off of the face of the Earth... but not all......

Within 2 weeks I got two offers to do books, with actual money and publishing and everything. I did a dum-dum thing and agreed to both and now they're done.. ish. There's always going to be some edits and some fiddelings until they go into full scale production but, they're done.... and I can't say more than that until the publishers announce. BUT when they give me the ok, you'll all know :)

So what now?

Although I've still been drawing and painting everyday since I stopped posting daily I don't know that I can keep up with posting everyday again. There's some NEW stuff I want to try and some old stuff I want to do better.

Some things:

  • Prints will be up on my Artstation account (just click on the SHOP link)

  • Streams! I put a LOT of effort (and money) into a new setup for art and teaching.

  • Weekly posts, with the exception of things like Aughost, Inktober / Drawlloween etc.

  • I'm going to share the weekly theme I'm working on well before I post the final art so if anyone is into the idea they can play along.

AND MORE... I just haven't ironed out the details on the rest. This stuff though... its ready and I'll post a schedule soon : )

Thanks for reading and following along. If you have any questions please let me know!!

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