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Lightsaber Sketchbooks

Life has been a bit of a hot mess the last couple of weeks. I haven't been posting on Instagram, making new videos, or streaming even though I was close to making that part of my routine. I worked out all... most... of the bugs and things looked pretty ok. I was pretty happy with how the stream was looking and sounded. But then the tiny humans finished school and my schedule was thrown out the door. Next came the emotional hole that needed spackling. I was teaching art online and absolutely loved it. The kids were awesome insanely talented and funny. Unfortunately, the program was closed indefinitely. It may come back one day, but not in the foreseeable future. It's bumming me out.

So... in the middle of being outnumbered by tiny humans, I'm trying to fix the not-teaching soul hole. It's not set in stone but there's some stuff in motion that may (and maybe not) pan out and even if it doesn't I'll go back to teaching online somewhere. Where I live, you need to have a master's degree (or currently working on one) to teach at a school. If that wasn't out of the realm of possibilities I'd strongly consider it.

Aside from the current kid infestation at my house, and the teaching dilemma we've got: querying some book(s) that I've written, flooding the inbox of illustration agents, sketching and painting for the stuff I'm under contract for, mixed with some other odds and ends... it's all a bit much. I mean, it's not insurmountable it's just a lot of organization for an adult whose daily battle with ADHD looks like the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl record.

I can't post the things I'm working on. The things I'm working on take up too much time to make new videos. What's a man-boy to do? I know I don't *have* to post stuff... I can just as easily NOT post things but that feels bad and the dopamine draught is real so I've decided to post my warm-up/sketch stuff. IG is ripe with finished and immaculate art that's carefully curated but behind every masterpiece is a pile of papers covered in scribbles that helped create them. Let's normalize the odd and chaotic world of the creative process. Oh, and Those sketches will be in handmade sketchbooks. Because in the middle of trying to figure life out while repelling the invading forces of homebound children, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole on bookbinding. Now I'm making sketchbooks like a Jedi making their lightsaber.

Hugs and High-Fives friends!

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Tim Canny
Tim Canny
Jun 23, 2023

Yes! Another has come over to the Bind Side! Uh...Bound Side? Yeah, I'm gonna have to workshop that. Anyway, welcome to the fun world of bookbinding! Also, I'm always up for embracing the odd and chaotic world of the creative process.

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