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OOF. Its been a busy and weird time here at Mr. Tom Headquarters. I won't bore you with details but its been a rollercoaster and I'm going to ficus on the positives that have been popping up.

Firstly, I think I really nailed down the youtube (and Twitch) setup, a couple more test runs and we'll be off to the races. I don't know if there will ever be a "regular" schedule, its hard to plan with 3 little humans that crave your attention constantly and a crazy awesome partner that works a night nurse schedule.

Secondly, I'm a teacher now!! At least for 12 weeks :) Character Design! I'm super duper stoked for this one. Class Description

Next! Illustrator Day is coming up, an event with my local chapter SCBWI and I really REALLY liked how my Art Director Assignment turned out. I've shown a lot of it on IG but I'll upload the final on the day of the event.

Inktober!!! is coming and looking at the list I think I have a pretty great idea to pull everything together into one large (hopefully) portfolio piece. I've been practicing with my dip pen and I'm pretty confident.

My Patreon is getting a re-work sooner rather than later

And LASTLY, I've decided to do something that I never thought I would. I'm selling some of my original watercolors. The response so far has been great and I'm really appreciative for the support. I have boxes and boxes of paintings that deserve a better life than inside a plastic box. I'll upload each painting on the day it goes up on my Instagram @itsmr.tom unless I have another use for it, or plan to make prints of that particular painting. On days that I'll be working on a multi-day painting I'll dig through the boxes and post an older one. Check out my stories on IG and FB for whichever goes up OR check out my Etsy Store

I think that about does it for updates at the moment. If ever you have any questions let me know, I'm a chit-chatter I'll answer everything.... even stuff you didn't ask about :)

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