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The Adventure Vault: Complete


All told by the end of the process from sketch to scan it took about a week. I strayed form the original design quite a bit in the pallet selection. Originally I wanted the background to be be mostly reds and browns and deep rich smelling mahogany colors. But when I did a rough color blocking on my iPad, its looked kinda.... bad. It seemed super unappealing in with such a large space so, I went deep into my pallet. It was a whole new challenge. With an assortment of shapes and colors on the shelves it gave a bunch more character to the space all around and the sparse white areas gave me just enough contrast.

Now all that is left to do is do some "happy mistake editing" and add the light sources. en lieu of a limited pallet on the shelves I wanted to add some depth to the room and hopefully draw more attention to our adventuring friends on the floor. Adding some highlights as well in the process. Adding highlights in watercolor is fairly tricky unless you plan them from the get-go so I usually add them later in Photoshop.

While working on this I was also sprucing up my YouTube and Twitch accounts, both of which were set up a long time ago but I never had the time to set them up properly. Being in minimal security lockdown is all the time I needed apparently. In the process though I broke the streaming computer. As soon as the new parts come in I should be set and ready to roll on Twitch, but until then I uploaded all my videos and some new ones starting.... with.... this....

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