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New Updates!

Work on both books is pretty much done. Both? Yes... I've been holding out on you, there's one I haven't mentioned yet that we started working on *just* before the pandemic and its been a slow but exceptionally fun project. I just have some small edits to work through and that'll be #2 done and done.

I started doing my daily paintings again, turns out I really missed and really enjoy sharing art, a thought that genuinely terrified me a couple years ago. Am I going to try and beat my old record? Nope. I hope not, cause that means I don't have a new book project. One thing that I'm doing differently this time around though is I'll be selling the originals. I had mixed feelings about letting them go but I've got stacks and stacks of paintings from the last five years sitting around waiting for frames that may never come. If I've set everything up correctly they should be available on Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shopping and my website under the shop tab.

I started a Fivver page too! So far I've made art for my favorite people and most amazing fans my mom and sister. Everyone else seems to want me to do NFTs... which I'm not into... I only deal with analog NFTs.

Tonight starts my next online class with I Heart Art Workshop where I'll be hanging out and drawing all things anime with some of my favorite tiny humans.

All in all I'm trying to stay busy, still trying to find an agent, always looking for the next book project and keeping creative.

Hugs and high fives friends and homies, stay safe and visit your local library.

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