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Let there be INKTOBER!!!

The great season begins once again!! Its Inktober and, at least for now, I'm back to daily posting. In years past I've tried some new and some odd things with #Inktober but this year I think I finally have a good system in place. The first two years were all individual illustrations which I scanned, cropped, corrected and added together for one large group shot in the end. like this:

It was a bunch of work and I really liked them in the end. Scale wasn't' an issue since I knew I could adjust it later and andy bits I didn't like I could mask out pretty easily, BUT it kinda lacked purpose. Nothing shared a theme. So the next years I tried making a HUGE panoramic picture like this:

I really liked it. I still do BUT it was an insane amount of editing to make all the shades and features line up, and then trying to frame them to hang up was a lot... like a lot alot.

the next years I broke things down into 4 different scenes and it worked great. Everything had a common theme and I fell in love again... but I did it in color and it didn't feel like Inktober anymore. It just felt like my common everyday themes just lumped together.


This year. This year I *think* I perfected the approach. I won't spoil anything, but if I do this right and through the magic of some photoshop magic I think I might have something special lined up. Everyday I'll still have paintings to post, some might not make a lot of sense right now but in the end I think it will all come together nicely.

Stay tuned, follow along and I appreciate you guys!

Hugs and High-Fives,

Mr. Tom

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