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Drawlloween 2020

October is drawing prompt royalty. Usually reigned by Inktober but... then all that stuff happened so this year I'm going all in with Drawlloween, more spcifically the list put out by @cwehrle on Instagram.

The first two years I did individual paintings for each day, then I did some larger scenes and tried to tie all the prompts together in a cohesive story. The last one was pretty intense as each week was a larger painting in full color, I'm super proud of those and I keep at least two of those paintings in my portfolio. But I needed something different this year. I really wanted to simplify the concept but type EVERY prompt into one piece....... I think I've come up with it.


This year Every prompt will be a painting of a painting on the wall of Haunted Adventures. Chronicling the tales and mishaps of the Exalted Haunters past and present.

Its gonna be challenge, the paper itself is huge and I have to make sure no cats sleep on it for like 31 days.. which is like an insane undertaking in itself.

Follow along, go follow Chad on IG and let me know which drawling prompts you're doing this year (if any)

Hugs and High Fives!

-Mr. Tom

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