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a Very Big Sketchbook. 600 pages, twelve and a half by ten and three quarters inches, seven pounds of ridiculous empty pages.

I bought this last year thinking I would fill it up and carry it around like an old wizards spell book. Fell short of that lofty goal while doing my daily sketches so this, THIS is the year I conquer the Very Big Sketchbook.



  • All themes will come from my favorite subreddit: r/sketchdaily

  • 365 days to fill 300 pages, for those keeping track, the book has 600 pages but I hate drawing on the back of pages. Its a silly pet peeve, but it drives me batty.

  • Stick to themes. Last year I strayed from time to time but with 65 "off days" I figure I can mange to stay with the group.

  • Water colors and stories will accompany each theme.

  • Start Date: January 14th 2017

  • End Date: January 14th 2018

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