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My traditional art consists mostly of watercolor, polychromos pencils and ink work.  Nothing will ever replace my love of analog work, even when working digitally my sketches start on actual paper.  I think there's an energy that comes from putting pen to paper.  It picks up every flaw and texture and incorporates it into the final work.  To make that relationship work is one of my favorite parts of the creative process.

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My "Hybrid" art is a mix of watercolor and digital work.  I love the beautiful textures and gradients watercolors make, but the colors can appear muted or too subtle.  To breathe some life into them I'll rework some colors on top with a very low opacity.  The textures and gradients still show through but the colors jump a little more. 

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Having declared my love for traditional art, I still flirt with the magic of the digital arts.   I love the ability to bring the best attributes of several mediums and apply them all in the same place with the touch of the screen.  Although I usually don't work entirely digitally, I still love the chance to stay fresh and try new techniques and ideas. 

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